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way you whisper

a community for artists (visual, auditory, & linguistic)

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*Updated rules 6/12/03*

This is a community for people who want to share their writing, visual art, and audio files with others and receive honest critique. We are selective with our members and have only one step for joining:

Post three samples of your work.
- The existing members will vote either a 'yes' or 'no' and will hopefully provide constructive criticism toward your work. While there is no formal grading procedure, I would suggest grading each piece of work separately and then observing which vote has the ratio favor. While members are asked not to be unnecessarily rude, there will be no censorship of any comments

nor will there be any censorship of any work whatsoever.

In case the majority vote (of votes given) is no (or all the votes are a "maybe"), you will be ousted for one week, after which you may return and attempt to re-enter. I will leave final oustings up to discretion (because I realize most intelligent people would recognize a pattern).

Members are urged to comment not only on request posts, but on any further posts by the artists/writers/musicians of our community, and to do so as honestly and objectively as possible.

Please lj-cut after your first piece as to keep the community nice and trim.

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